From the Sky to the Wildlife of the Desert

Information on Deserts and Types of Stargazing Groups

Deserts are vast and arid landscapes that covered approximately one-third of the Earth's surface. They are characterized by high temperatures, low precipitation, and sparse vegetation.


Despite harsh conditions, deserts are home to a diverse range of plants and animals that have adapted to survive in these challenging environments.

For this reason, deserts have become a popular destination for groups of observers who want to experience the unique beauty and wildlife of these areas.





One of the most popular groups of observers in deserts is birdwatchers. Deserts are home to various bird species that have adapted to survive in these challenging environments. Some common desert birds include predators such as eagles and falcons, as well as songbirds like larks and finches.

Birdwatching groups often travel to deserts during bird migration seasons, when large flocks of birds pass through these areas.




Sky and Star Observers

Another group of desert enthusiasts are star observers who, due to their remote locations away from urban environments and clear skies, provide the best opportunities for observing stars. The lack of light pollution in these areas enables a clear view of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies; many observatories have been built in desert regions due to the ideal conditions for astronomical observations.


گروه رصدگران ستاره های مهمان کهن سرای کیهان

"Astronomy Observers Group, esteemed guests of Kohan Saray Keyhan - April 2022"




Wildlife enthusiasts

Wildlife enthusiasts are also drawn to deserts for the unique species of animals found in these types of regions. Desert animals such as camels, coyotes, snakes, jerboas, scorpions, and other extraordinary creatures that are exclusively found in these habitats; guests can take guided tours or hike through desert trails to see these animals in their natural habitats.


گروه رصد ستارگان در اقامتگاه بومگردی کهن سرای کیهان

"Astronomy Observers Group, esteemed guests of Kohan Saray Keyhan - july 2021"


Geologists and archaeologists

Finally, geologists and archaeologists also travel to desert areas for research purposes. Deserts present a collection of geological formations such as sand dunes, rocks, and valleys that provide insight into the Earth's history.

Due to the dry and moisture-free climate of these areas, fossils of prehistoric animals are found in these regions; the specific climatic conditions of these areas preserve fossils over very long periods of time.




Deserts are fascinating and unique environments that attract a diverse range of observers;

In these areas, there is something for everyone, from stargazers to wildlife enthusiasts or geologists.

We, at Kohan Sarai Keyhan ecotourism resort, due to our proximity to the National Desert Park, host several times a year the dear guests mentioned above.

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